.el taller. The sculptor’s studio

The reason to post this pictures is that we’re (my wife and I) very proud of our studio.  It took us almost 3 years to turn a house we bought  in ruins into this beautiful space to create and show.

One of the most imortant goals we want to achieve with the help and participation of galleries and embassies, is to be able to create an anual resisdence of  friend artists we get to know around the world and that we would appreciate to have as guests our studio.

This is a view of the sculpture studio taken from the 2nd floor showroom, this space has near 230 square meters.  Because it is a closed space,  I use wet cutting and polishing techniques to work the stone, which is the main material  I use at the moment.



This is the first floor that serves as showroom, but most of the time it`s the jewelry studio and showroom of my wife Carolina.

On the right hand of the picture you can see the door that connects to the sculpture studio.


This is the view of the sencond foor showroom, absolutely pure, well illumitated, the stairs on the left side of the picture take to the graphic studio where we soon plan to be having a large etching press & studio, and on the right side of the picture are the stairs that take to the terrace where we eat and have great times with our friends and clients some times.

This is our space, we hope to make it a joyful space to create, learn and share art.