Monumental sculpture
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This work was made for the 2 BIENAL DE ARTE PUBLICO DE CALI, Colombia.  It is a  reflection about coexistence and humanity, thinking towards an eventual process of reintegration in the Colombian post conflict society.

From my point of view, reconciliation in a post conflict situation requires from both parts of the conflict a GREAT deal of effort, meaning tolerance for coexistence and adaptation.

For me , truly and open coexistance between people with different cultural beliefs is practically impossible. I have seen it in countries with thousands of years of tradition of two cultures coexisting like Catholic and Muslim, and coexistence is at most “diplomatic” but there is always comments behind from one culture to the other. We have all seen it in our neighbor country Venezuela, with oficialists and not oficialists, and we will definitively see it in our post conflict process between re inserted FARC members and civil society… there will always be recriminations, hatreds, pain… this is not a negative aspect, I see it more like a realist point of view of a human characteristic that has to be taken in count when we expect (and it would not be like that) that coexistence works on an ideal level.

The work is carved in granite, this allows me to talk about the premanence of the intention… THE INTENTION OF THE SOCIAL ASSEMBLE on the collective memory… at the same time, the technique allows me to create two diferentiated materials from a single block, we are the same, the same people.

It also allows me with a cut technique to make a “visual trick” as if the two Stone forms had been perfectly assembled with cuts and carving imposible to realize in reality, that in this case are made for the public perception, and here we have the contradiction, the seem perfect assembles but they are not real…

The form responds to a long research and experience using angles, and proportions from our prehispanic architecture along with the principles of sacred geometry.

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